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Pick-up service


1. Pickup fee will be $1,300 TWD. (The fee may change at any time.)

2. The latest date to reserve the pickup service will be five days before check in date via e-mail.(In the e-mail please provide the following information: Guest’s name, staying date(s), flight number, arrival time, number of people, number of luggage, size of luggage(maximum 4 luggage and no more than 28 inches), and contact while in arrived in Taiwan.

3. There will be extra $100 TWD of night time service charge when the pickup time is between 23:00-06:00

4. If you have any questions or problems you can contact us via airport help desk’s phone.

5. At the case of no show or chance within 4 hours of pickup time there will be cancellation fee.The fee is 50% of pickup fee

6. Please contact us ahead of the time in order to avoid “waiting fee” if the flight is delayed for more than one hour. The driver can wait for one hour without any extra chages.

Models offer:

TOYOTA CAMRY Ride 2-4 people NTD$1300

BENZ W220 Ride 2-4 people NTD$1600

Volkswagen T5 Ride 7-8 people NTD$2000